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Self-taught musician, Dj and Producer, Cristian Viviano (born in Palermo in 1987), can definitely be qualified as a polyhedric and inspired artist. Listening to his sets, which are involving and full of positive vibes, it is impossible not to notice the strong sense of empathy he feels with the audience.His passion for music was born in the streets under the influence of funky culture. His personal discovery of musical technology led him towards a strongly tribal influenced, techno and house rhythm, which he achieves by using sequencers, synthesizers and drum machines. Cristian is focus on his project, Descending Order aimed at spreading the importance and power of love, creativity and the respect to the life's order as core values of life.

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Solwings is a visionary project born from a Cristian Viviano's idea. The word is a mix of Spanish and English and literally means "the wings of the sun". The project, whose name is an homage to Cristian’s young daughter Sol, is meant to embody his idea of diffusing light and love through music. 

Analog equipment and eclectic influences seamlessly blend with mystic voices and ethnic sources, giving shape to the peculiar sound of the band. The various collaborations with many artists and musicians make this a unique project.


System of Survival, Pietro 'Bingo' De Lisi and Alex Carpentieri, are dedicated purveyors of all that is good in house music. They’ve held a residency at the legendary Circo Loco at DC10 in Ibiza since its inception. Their ability to carry a crowd, seamlessly blend styles and support the countless guest DJs is a true testament to the role of a resident and led them to fly the Circo Loco flag across the globe.
Apart from touring with the DC10 crew, Bingo and Alex have been steadily riding a wave of popularity, gaining momentum through their own headlining dates at Panorama Bar & Watergate, Berlin: Movement Detroit Festival, BPM Festival in Mexico, Verboten & Output in New York, Womb in Tokyo and Fabric London. A commitment to style beyond what’s trendy and ease in mixing the old with the new, has earned them the title of a DJ’s DJ. Alex explains, "Our sets have never really fit to one particular style or type, Bingo has a Soul and Funk background whereas mine is more Detroit or Chicago techno inspired so when we play it's a real blend of the styles, making something different completely, something new."
As true aficionados, SOS boast an extensive back catalogue of music, across styles and genres, and nowhere is this more evident than in their productions. 


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SIS's first experience with electronic music was more or less accidental. Inspired by hearing Dj Karotte play percussive Indian-style beats at Frankfurt U60 Club at the age of 21, he decided on the spot that this would be his future.Burak Sar aka Sis was born in 1980 in Michelstadt, southern Germany, and from a very young age was Inspired by his musician father, who introduced him to a myriad of musical instruments and rhythms with his Turkish musical group. Sis formed a rock band and played the drums, but after his dancefloor epiphany he bought a pair of Technics 1210s and learned how to mix. Within a short period of time spent developing his DJ skills, he began playing in small clubs and parties around Frankfurt and Mannheim.Not content with limiting himself to DJing, Sis began learning the ropes of production, drawing on his musical roots to craft his own unique style of House Music. 


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Real name Dennis Beganovich, jazz trombonist, keyboard player,composer-arranger,producer. A big Brasilian music lover, I went to skoolz all over the world(had fun),v ery much involved with electronic music, working a lot for different Dj's as Valentino Kanzyani with whom he wrote the famous hit LELIWA (I'd say yes), helping make remixes for many of them,s ideman musician for Slovenian pop star MAGNIFICO where he plays trombone, trumpet, euphonium tenor, keyboards and backing vocals. Currently he is running his own project (nu-jazz,bossa,lounge music) band AREIA. Writes music for short movies. Released for other artists on many big dance labels as earresistible musick, Yoshitoshi-(Dep Dish label), La factoria, Shinichi, Jesus Loved You, Universal Japan ,Sony Italy, Scenariomusic, CR2... played a lot in different salsa bands, pop bands. some of my tunes got on many compilations all over the world. One of the most successful tunes is also featured on Deep Dish mix cd -Toronto-global underground. Still working a lot in a jazz enviroment, writing-arranging for different groups....


Dj & live act

Create without limit, let its spirituality take the front and share the vibrations through the music.​



Rising New York House DJ Yulia Niko Effortlessly Blends Sultry House Vibes with The Underground !

YN is best known for her creative and diverse techno sound. Starting her career as a DJ in Sochi, Russia, she immediately found her love with the underground electronic music. Upon receiving her law degree, she moved to Brooklyn to continue her education where her journey of producing and playing her own techno tracks started. She had the opportunity to express, perfect and support techno music with the most respected talents in NY. Currently, she’s residing in Berlin working on her vinyl only label TochnoTechno.
After growing a North American reputation as a DJ and producer, she had the unique opportunity to hold residencies in Verboten and Heart Nightclub. She started producing and working with local techno music and legends such as Erick Morillo, Dj Sneak, Pig&Dan, Jose Nunez, Brian Cid, Dave Rosario, Tripmastaz and many more. This unique experience inspired her to establish her own sound and be recognized as MixMag’s “20 artists to know who are rising from the underground”.



DUBFLUSS is a project born from the friendship between two guys from Vicenza (near Venice), Mattia Bellon and Marco Fiuma. The project came to life through an exchange of views and ideas shared in the world of club music in various lines of deep, tech and techno. This passion for the genre is grown and widely-depth with the inclusion of the couple into HUND (Underground Music Movement) as resident djs. Dubfluss are distinguished by a careful and maniacal search of tracks, always different from the previous set. Thanks to the experience and selection in their DJ sets, they are able to get a good feeling with the underground situation, and to express themselves in places and situations very well established and knew as Alterego (Verona), La Plage (Venezia), Gilda Club/People Club (Vicenza),Under Eventi (Padova), Kalypso Klub (Croazia), Juice Club (Bergamo), Discovolante (Brescia), Friday Square (Milano), Villaggio Corelli (Milano), Buongiorno Classic (Rimini), Minimal Bar (Berlino) and appearing along with several other artists like Chris Liebing, Ilario Alicante, Davide Squillace, Laura Jones, Ralf, Bella Sarris, Hector, tINI, Alexkid, Kerri Chandler, Matthias Tanzmann, Enzo Siragusa, Rich NxT, Seb Zito, Rossko, Dan Farserelli, Ellen Allien, Marco Faraone, Dubfire, Chad Andrew, David Gtronic and more.


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Phatool is a project by Batty, young dj, producer and resident of Hund Underground Music Movement Vicenza. He started djing in 2006, and after some years of experience playing lot of different musical genres, he decided to concentrate himself into techno and deep house music. In the years he plays around Europe in places like Barrakud Festival (Croatia and Hungary), Alter Ego (Vr), La Plage (Ve), People Club (Vi), Gilda Club (Vi) with lot of artists including Paul Kalkbrenner, Nina Kravitz, Apparell, Dragosh, Marco Faraone, Cassy, Ralf, Unzip Project, Marc Houle, Hobo. Besides playing music, he has worked as sound engenieer and in parallel started to produce some techno and deep house tracks.


Izzy Demzky has come a long way since he first stepped into the scene in Edinburgh almost a decade ago. Now based in Berlin, the Northumberland native has added to his already blossoming repertoire with upcoming tracks on labels such as Get Physical and Trend Records. After first developing his DJ skills in the Scottish capital, Demzky secured long-term residencies with some of the most credible music collectives in the city. Musika , Tweak and the heavyweight party, Nightvison, gave him a platform on which to develop the atmospheric sound, full of swing and groove, that he is best known for today. Success within the underground soon paid off and Demzky held down a regular set at Scotland’s major music festival, T in the Park. It was around this time he collaborated with artist Theo Kottis for his first major release on the renowned Berlin label Get Physical. Now Demzky finds himself in the belly of the beast with a Berlin summer around the corner. Having released ‘People Person’ on Trend Records in 2016, his Get Physical record hit the dance floor early 2017 It’s looking like it could be a busy season for Demzky with a 3 track ep on Trend Records due in the summer


Octave (Octavian Rotaru) is a DJ and Producer of House music born in Iasi, Romania some twenty years ago. He’s been around electronic music since he was a little boy, influenced by his brother’s musical path through genres from nu-metal to break-beat, techno and dark-step and ultimately combining all this experience into the deep groovy house music which he is mixing and producing today. Influenced by many artists and genres but always keeping his style personal and unique.Music is his passion and that is what his music is. Passionate. Heavy kicks, subtle percussions and eerie themes give off a minimal-like feeling but without the cold and robotic sound. The analog feeling in his tracks is given by the unique way he produces them which some may see as chaotic but as it appears, there is a method to this man’s madness.


DJ & live act

Deepad was born in Kiev 20 august 1986 year. Interested in music began from the middle of 90th years. Fascination was become by such legendary groups as Depeche Mode, Moloko, De-Phazz, Kraftwerk, Faithless, Moby, Chemical Brothers. From 2002 earnest began to take interest electronic music, and since from 2006 decided on own experiments with a sound, in creating music a lot of attention paid to the quality of the material. Style of works various at minimal/deep/dub techno to afro-beat / jazz / down-tempo /idm.Never play like a dj, prefers to play exceptionally only live. Quite often performs at the legendary underground club Cinema(Kiev) with their livepa.



Italian dj and producer active from 1994s, working under pseudonyms behind some labels .has participated in numerous successes on many labels and has been for a long time the label manager.In 2014 he decided to devote himself Now He has recorded for labels like Traum Schallplatten, Lapsus Music, Kinetika, Fresco Records, Carillon, Digital Traffik , IUM , Aula , Descending Order and many more. His dj's schedule tacking is such storical clubbing in Italy and some appearance in various club around the Europe and Ibiza.

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Musician & Singer

BAHRAMJI, singer of Iranian Kurdish origin, with a superb, mystical oriental voice, also player of the santoor (Iranian instrument with metal strings struck with hammers), the setâr (Iranian instrument with three strings) and the Ney flute (Persian)
Fusion is the word to describe this music, but actually a new word needs to be found, because he has taken it to a whole new level. It has the energy to carry a power flow. The length of the songs allows a deep, slow driving bass line to hypnotize you as melodic Santoor and other instruments carry you to other places. Yet this is not meditation music, it has incredible energy. Bahramji and friends have made not only a great listening experience but also have created something magical.


Dj & Singer


Musician & Singer

Simon Thom has lived in 13 countries. Previously with the Saigon Rhythm Massive out of Ho Chi Minh City, he now lives in the Cote d'Azur, where he cooks Arabbiata sauces for pleasure.


Live Act, Musician

Shoutscire (drums, piano, samples) bought his first computer in 1998. It immediately became a powerful tool to further his experimentations with sounds and to aid his musical discourse to develop and fully surface. Combining sampling and sound processing with a multitrack software, Shoutscire creates imaginary landscapes, where harmony and rhythm are completely free to interact. Recalling compositional procedures dear to the first pioneers of electronic music such as Luc Ferrari, Terry Riley, Steve Reich, K. H. Stockhousen, he plays with phasing effect, repetition, chance, granular synthesis and micro-editing to create textures and moods. The sampling library he uses is derived from his omni collection of 5000 vinyls and CDs, ranging from Sun Ra to contemporary classical to ethnographical documents from rural Sicily. After many years of excursions and research in the sonic sphere, he now uses moods and beats borrowed from the contemporary landscape of electronic dance music combined with strings and horns orchestrations, with the intention of bringing the listener (and the dancer) to a state of bliss.


Drums & Percussion

Cristian Vinci nasce nel capoluogo siculo (Palermo). 
Nel suo percorso conobbe diversi generi musicali, dal pop al funky, jazz, latino, bossa nova, moderno fino ad arrivare all'house music. 
Nell'estate 2011 approda in Grecia con il suo "Summer Tour" nell'isola del Dodecannèso RODI, suonando nelle seguenti location:Amphitheatre boutique club,Antica,Shimbas,Paradiso beach club,Puerto beach club,Villa di mare e Roi mack,Todo bien(latin club)Elly beach,Mojto beach bar,Mandraky(porto).
Il 1st novembre 2013 esce il suo primo EP che prende il nome di "Dia de Luz" con l'etichetta Del Gado records, successivamente il primo singolo "Recuerdo" sull'etichetta Vida records( spagna) classificandosi primo nella top ten techouse/afrohouse e quinto top 100 Traxsource world.Pochi mesi dopo il secondo singolo "Mi Hermano" su Undergroundcollective rec (New York), seguito da "Herencia Latina" in collaborazione con Pablo Fierro(Vida records) quest'ultimo singolo presentato al Miami Winter music conference 2014.


Musician & Hang Player

Rod Garratt is a self taught multi instrumentalist/ (Guitar, Mandolin, Manola, Blues Harp, Flute,Digeridoo, Jews Harp, Percussion and Hang Drum) singer/song writer and composer.Rod started on the musical road around the age of three when he was already driving his mothercrazy at the dinner table by using his spoon to hit all the objects in front of him to hear theirdifferent sounds.At the age of fourteen his mother presented him with his first guitar which she had found in asecond hand shop. This guitar happened to have a bent neck and two strings missing. Added to that,he had no idea about tuning it but,never the less, he taught himself to play the blues with the guitarin this condition whilst listening to old Lead Belly records. He also had no idea, as a left hander,that left handed guitars existed, and to this day he still plays right handed.Rod has had a colourful and varied musical career, for many years playing around the Pub circuitsin his home town of Bristol (UK) and then later in London.In the mid ninties he pioneered the idea of having live percusion in the London dance scene whenhe persuaded the owners of “Strawberry Sundae” (then based in Drury Lane,Soho) to try him out.After finding a DJ who was willing to let Rod play with him (not easy in those days!), He playedthe set , the crowd went wild and the owner asked him to become resident percussionist, which hedid for two years. During that time Rod also played percussion regularly at such clubs as: Heaven,The Fridge, Hackney Rocket, Eurobeat 2000 and The Brixton Academy, under the name of “Drum”.In 2004, Rod´s life was forever changed when he discovered the “Hang Drum”, soon realising thatit brought both his melodic, and his percussive talents together in one beautiful instrument. Sincethat fatefull day he has, more or less concentrated on his experimental journey with his Hang,composing his own unique style of playing and discovering it´s amazing versatility.Since then he has made concierts in many different places such as: The Indian National Gallery ofModern Art, Mumbai, India, The Naray Tamas haut couture fashion show, Budapest, Hungary,


Musician & Hang Player

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